Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo Senju Campus Ⅰ-Ⅱ

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Tokyo Denki University, the Tokyo Senju Campus PhaseⅠwas completed in April of 2012. Subsequently its second phase was completed in April of 2017. A typical composition of an urban redevelopment project may be imagined to be composed of low-rises along a public road and a recessed tower, following a district guideline. However, this project is designed with highly open public spaces named “Plaza” and “Agora” (internalized by the Phase II buildings) in order to create a cityscape open to the neighborhood community while having a distinct identity. The facade of the mid- and high-rises is composed of ceramic frit glass, white spandrel panels, aluminum sash, and pre-cast concrete-ranging in various shades of white-to create a fresh silhouette of white towers emerging from a chaotic cityscape. The high-performance air-flow window system was the university's first technological experiment to implement natural ventilation to the facade and minimize the perimeter thermal load.

Location: Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Completion Date: 2017   2014(Ⅰ),2017(Ⅱ),
Building Type: Ⅰ: University, Hall, Office, Library, Ⅱ: University, Sports Facility
Structural System: Steel,Steel Reinforced Concrete,Reinforced Concrete, [Buliding 1]Steel,Steel Reinforced Concrete,Reinforced Concrete+Seismic Isolation Structure,[Bridge]Reinforced Concrete,Precast Concrete
Number of Floors: [Building 1]1 Basement + 14 Stories, [Building 2]1 Basement + 10 Stories, [Building 3]5 Stories, [Building 4]10 Stories, [Building 5]1 Basement + 12 Stories
Site Area: 26,224.1m²
Building Area: Total:14,908.58m²,Ⅰ:10,932.84m², Ⅱ:3,975.74m²
Total Floor Area: Total:106,136.36m²,Ⅰ:72,759.19m², Ⅱ: 33,377.17m²
Structural Engineer: Nikken Sekkei LTD.
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: Nikken Sekkei LTD.
Landscape Design: studio on site
Lighting Design: SLDA
Acoustic Design: Nagata Acoustic
■ Notes
Disaster Prevention Design: Akeno Facility Resilience Inc.
■ Publication
Ⅰ:Shinkenchiku 2012.7, The Kenchiku Gijutsu 2012,8
Ⅱ:Shinkenchiku 2017.5, GA JAPAN No.146
■ Awards / Competition
Building Contractors Society Prize(2013)
Design Award for Light and Lighting(2013)
Sustainable Architecture Award - Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award(2014)
First Prize, invited proposal (2008)