Kanagawa University, Shonan Hiratsuka Campus Building11

Building 11 is located atop a hill deep within the Kanagawa University Shonan Hiratsuka Campus. In the center of the building is a courtyard, creating a continuity between the existing tree-lined avenue in the foreground and the green hills in the background. The courtyard also connects the foyer of the auditorium and school building, becoming one large public space. Furthermore, the building opens towards the south like a traditional Japanese folding fan, blending into the surrounding mountains with its unique silhouette created by the roof forms of the lecture hall and school building. The overall spatial configuration remains clear and functional, with the auditorium and PC lounge able to function independently. The large auditorium provides high ceilings, creating a pleasant acoustic environment.

Location: Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan
Completion Date: 2009
Building Type: University
Structural System: Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Number of Floors: 3 Floors
Site Area: 158,600.00m²
Building Area: 2,323.99m²
Total Floor Area: 4,337.36m²
Structural Engineer: Structural Design Office OAK
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: SOGO CONSULTANTS
■ Notes
Landscape Design:EQUIPE ESPACE
Acoustic Design:Nagata Acoustic
■ Awards / Competition
First Prize, invited proposal (2007)