Fujisawa Municipal Gymnasium

Fujisawa Municipal Gymnasium combines a main arena and sub-arena, contraposed at a slight angle to one another and linked by a central entrance hall. Curving roof forms enclose the two arena volumes. The juxtaposition of these two forms creates a variety of silhouettes from different angles. The stainless steel roof responds to subtle changes in the light. The reflection is sometimes calm, sometimes sharp. At dusk, the edge of the roof and the sky meld together.

Location: Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
Completion Date: 1984
Building Type: Gymnasium
Structural System: Reinforced Concrete, Steel Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Number of Floors: 1 Basement + 3 Stories
Site Area: 64,105m²
Building Area: 6,738m²
Total Floor Area: 11,100m²
Structural Engineer: Kimura Structural Engineers
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: P.T. Morimura and Associates
■ Publication
Shinkenchiku:1982.9, 1984.10, 1984.11
Nikkei Architecture:1984.1.2, 1984.11.5
Kenchiku Bunka:1984.1, 1984.11
■ Awards / Competition
The Grand Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan(1985)