Tokyo Church of Christ

The Tokyo Church of Christ's main chapel is located on the upper level; its vaulted interior form, translated to the exterior, creates a symbolic skyline within the busy cityscape. Daily use program elements are located on the lower (street) level. The exterior glass skin, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese wood and paper shoji screen, is comprised of two separate layers of glass. The outer layer is translucent glass, and the inner layer is a sandwich of glass and glass fiber tissue. The screen encloses the space with a warm and silent light. The double layers shut out city noise, making the chapel a tranquil, meditative, and sacred space.

Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Completion Date: 1995
Building Type: Church
Structural System: Reinforced Concrete, Steel Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Number of Floors: 1 Basement + 3 Stories
Site Area: 1,245m²
Building Area: 948m²
Total Floor Area: 2,243m²
Structural Engineer: Kimura Structural Engineers
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: Sogo Consultants
■ Publication
Fumihiko Maki(PHAIDON)
GA JAPAN:1996. No.18
Nikkei Architecture:1995.12.4
■ Awards / Competition
Building Contractors Society Prize(1997)