Floating Pavilion

The Floating Pavilion is a multi-purpose structure designed to stage a variety of experimental productions. As the pavilion is pulled by tugboat from city to suburb, it supports a wide range of plays, musical festivals, and poetry recitations. Unlike a typical fixed structure, the stage and double spiral canopy evoke a multitude of images as they move through the landscape, simultaneously shifting itself and shifting the image of its surroundings.

Location: Groningen, Netherlands
Completion Date: 1996
Building Type: Multi-purpose Pavilion
Structural System: [Pavilion]Steel [Ship]Reinforced Concrete
Building Area: 150m²
Total Floor Area: 150m²
Structural Engineer: Structural Design Group
■ Notes
Collaborator:Dora van der Groen
■ Publication
Fumihiko Maki(PHAIDON):2009.6
Shinkenchiku:2008.5 Special Issue [IN PROGRESS], 1996.11
Nikkei Architecture:1996.10.21